Reginald Harris is a Jazz & Soul singer-songwriter from Memphis, TN. Reginald began his singing career in the choir of his childhood church at the age of five. As a young boy, he was inspired by the musical styles of Luther Vandross, James Ingram, Donny Hathaway, Anita Baker and many other icons within the R&B, Jazz and Soul genres.

Mentored by Jackie Thomas, the daughter-in-law of Stax legend Rufus Thomas, Reginald trained rigorously to perfect his craft and improve his vocal abilities.

As an artist he is focused on creating music that is timeless and evokes an emotional connection in the hearts of each listener. His music is a sheer reflection of the era in which he grew up and the passion he dedicates to each note he sings. Reginald can be heard on the site’s featured single, “Been Waiting,” from the highly anticipated upcoming compilation album, A Lyrical Disruption, set to release this fall.

This is what I’ve been waiting for,
 so let me flow for you
Gone show my range, my craft, my style
Move how you wanna move
There ain’t no G-box in my voice
Cause what I’m giving you is so pure
Move your head, move your body
Cause that’s the way we party
And we’re not going nowhere