Xavier “EKS” Williamson was born on October 11th, 1998 and raised in Memphis, TN. He started writing music in 6th grade and has been for six years.  Some of his musical influences come from Hip-Hop artists which include Nas, Jay- Z, Biggie Smalls, Drake , J. Cole and Lil Wayne. He hopes not only to change people’s thoughts on Hip-Hop, but also their thoughts on the upcoming generation. EKS believes that a musical message will be the best way to go about obtaining his goals. EKS can be heard on the site’s featured single, “Been Waiting,” from the highly anticipated compilation album, A Lyrical Disruption, set to release this fall.

I’ve been ready and waiting since sixth grade
Crazy I was watching live shows
Temptations kept coming
Frustrations are starting to get the best of me
I gotta do this for the people that was stressed with me
When I ain’t have nothing to my name, but some change
But it’ll change when my name get it the game, it’s insane
And I’m too young to be having headaches
This major, I know
When it’s said and done,
I’ll probably bring paper back home
Cause I’ve been waiting, been patient
I don’t know where I may take it
When I would get on my knees
and pray to God that I would make it
I will never fake it, I could never do that
And when they say I’d be the greatest
I’ll just check in true to that