Carey Haynes, 34, is a native Memphian. He comes from a family of artists including his great uncle who was a writer for Sam Phillips. At 18 his love for music blossomed which led him to major in classical piano. As a musician he also plays guitar, harmonica, bass and drums. In addition to his musicianship he is an accomplished songwriter. Haynes writing commenced with an affinity for plays and poetry with hopes of publication throughout the US. His debut EP was released in 2009. At least 10 of his songs have been played on various Indie and rock stations in the southern region of America. His musical influences include Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Elton John, Oasis, The Killers and Lucero. This artist can be classified as specializing in Americana alternative country and rock with an emphasis on story telling. Carey can be heard in the site’s featured single, “Been Waiting,” from the highly anticipated upcoming compilation album, A Lyrical Disruption, set to release this fall.

I’d rather play for fifteen folks
than for thousands in the crowd
If I could see them at the show
mouth the words I had written down
Make ’em mad or sad or glad
But make ’ems what I do
Make ’em know my name
after the song has long been through